On The Road Again – Itinéraire été 2014

HUMAN PLAYGROUND  Auto-Fiction >>> TOURNÉE 2014 >>> London | Guelph |  Shawinigan |  Montréal | Pointe-aux-Trembles | Joliette | Lac-St-Jean – Roberval, Saint-Prime, Péribonka | 1 mercedes 4 danseurs 12 spectacles 300 litres d’eau 3 000 km 2 725 spectateurs À ne pas manquer : prochain spectacle à Montréal, le mercredi 16 juillet à 20h au PARC MÉDÉRIC-MARTIN Campés entre les hangars et les parkings depuis la mi-avril, nous répétions pour cette 5e saison ! En tête d’affiche au FLUX London Dance Festival et au Guelph Dance, Auto-Fiction a été... Lire la suite →

Auto-Fiction @ Guelph Dance

Quelques souvenirs de nos aventures en juin… en « tête d’affiche » du festival Guelph Dance!! Prochain road trip >>> Direction Shawinigan pour Les grandes soirées – 4 juillet prochain. s AUTO-FICTION Choreographer : Milan Gervais Performers : Milan Gervais & David Albert-Toth Music composer : David Drury Rehearsal director : Louliko Shibao Ideation : Milan Gervais & Pascal Beauchesne Production : Human Playground – Milan Gervais & Louliko Shibao Photos : Sandra Lynn Bélanger (poster) & Louliko Shibao SPECIAL THANKS TO – La danse sur les routes du Québec, Le Centre... Lire la suite →


Truly immersive and impossible to forget!! This is, indeed, the future of storytelling. Probably the most significant audience experience I’ve ever lived… Completely changing our level of engagement. I was there for Halloween night, but any night would do. The last two productions left me in awe; whether it be at the NYC or London location, it’s so worth to go see the groundbreaking work of Punchdrunk. A success that’s well deserved. Here below, an article I picked up from the New York Times, portraying their last production… A London... Lire la suite →

Human Cities

Today more than half of the world’s population lives in cities, and many studies predict that the trend will continue to grow in the coming decades, so it seems that for a number of reasons, more than at any other time, urban identity will become increasingly significant in the 21st century. Under these circumstances, taking a creative look at the definition of life in the city in general and specifically at our most common asset – public space – seems both natural and necessary. In fact, the definition of public... Lire la suite →

Auto-Fiction au Festival Danse Canada

C’est avec immense plaisir que l’équipe d’Auto-Fiction présentera 2 spectacles au Centre national des Arts le 15 juin prochain, à 16h et 19h. Nous serons près des quais d’embarquement au 53 Elgin st. à Ottawa. Venez vous joindre à nous pour le Festival Canada Danse!! http://www.ledevoir.com/culture/danse/380123/un-petit-festival-danse-canada-hors-les-murs Partager → Tweet

Auto-Fiction à la Fête de Montréal – le 17 mai

De retour à Montréal!! AUTO-FICTION sera présenté au Quartier des spectacles lors des célébrations de la Fête de Montréal Le 17 mai, à 12h30 et à 17h en face du Bistro Le Balmoral (Ste-Catherine/Jeanne-Mance) Une production de Human Playground par Milan Gervais Idéateurs : Pascal Beauchesne & Milan Gervais Chorégraphe : Milan Gervais Interprètes : Milan Gervais, Andrew Turner & Milan Panet-Gigon Répétitrice et Directrice de production : Louliko Shibao Dramaturge : Katya Montaignac Compositeur musical : David Drury Illustration : Valérie Picard Tenue vestimentaire : 55DSL – Merci à... Lire la suite →

Flashmob anticapitaliste

Brio et activisme espagnol sur les planchers de marbre des banques d’Andanlousie – stupéfiant! BBC NEWS report : Flamenco flash mobs – seemingly spontaneous dance and song performances – have been taking place in banks all over Andalusia in Spain, causing short, if amusing disruptions to the working day. The brainchil of an anti-capitalist group known as Flo6x8, they are designed to express anger and frustration at the economic crisis.   Partager → Tweet

Story Playing

Un exemple de co-branding terrain expérientiel vraiment réussit. Une activation créative et amusante, on en veut d’autre comme celle là!! Partager → Tweet

Talk about trendsetting…

Traveling often to Paris, crossing at Pont des Arts walking bridge (usually with my boyfriend), I’ve seen the love-locks grow over the years and this is how it looks like now. Some have now even seized the opportunity of a business start-up… On a sunny day you can buy a padlock from an improvised street seller. I guess you can say it’s now gone mainstream! Ever wondered how it all started? A friend told me it was originally from Rome… check out this Wiki page to trace it back to... Lire la suite →

Dance your Ph.D – an Embodied Communication Tool

“Here’s an unusual and highly interesting experiment in science outreach. The concept is to create an interpretive dance that “explains” your Ph.D. research and to videotape it. You want the audience to walk away with a reasonable understanding of what you did or are currently doing your Ph.D. on – without the use of a PowerPoint, just dancing…” TEDx Brussels – John Bohannon & Black Label Movement – Dance Your PhD Partager → Tweet

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