Flashmob anticapitaliste

Brio et activisme espagnol sur les planchers de marbre des banques d’Andanlousie – stupéfiant! BBC NEWS report : Flamenco flash mobs – seemingly spontaneous dance and song performances – have been taking place in banks all over Andalusia in Spain, causing short, if amusing disruptions to the working day. The brainchil of an anti-capitalist group known as Flo6x8, they are designed to express anger and frustration at the economic crisis.   Partager → Tweet

Dance your Ph.D – an Embodied Communication Tool

“Here’s an unusual and highly interesting experiment in science outreach. The concept is to create an interpretive dance that “explains” your Ph.D. research and to videotape it. You want the audience to walk away with a reasonable understanding of what you did or are currently doing your Ph.D. on – without the use of a PowerPoint, just dancing…” TEDx Brussels – John Bohannon & Black Label Movement – Dance Your PhD Partager → Tweet

Co-creation Parkour + Architecture

In our search for understanding in architecture, we often look to other disciplines to help better explain our world. Architecture is the constant pursuit of understanding and explanation through the construction of urban environments – through the cities and towns we design and build we try to define the way those that will visit the space wil use it. Our understanding of this relationship evolves from project to project, location to location. This process of learning and adapting isn’t exactly fast, and the feedback loop can be years in the... Lire la suite →