Talk about trendsetting…

Traveling often to Paris, crossing at Pont des Arts walking bridge (usually with my boyfriend), I’ve seen the love-locks grow over the years and this is how it looks like now. Some have now even seized the opportunity of a business start-up… On a sunny day you can buy a padlock from an improvised street seller. I guess you can say it’s now gone mainstream! Ever wondered how it all started? A friend told me it was originally from Rome… check out this Wiki page to trace it back to... Lire la suite →

Arts for Transit and Urban Design

« As you travel through the Metropolitan Transportation Authority network, you experience a first-rate art museum with works created in mosaic, terra cotta, bronze, glass and mixed-media sculpture. The founders of the New York City subway believed that every design element in the system should show respect for our customers and enhance the experience of travel. Language was added to contracts that required the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. This led to the extensive use of ceramic tile, terra cotta and mosaics as decorative elements. As the century-old transportation network is... Lire la suite →

Improv Everywhere | Grand Central Terminal’s 100th birthday

  On the evening of Grand Central Terminal’s 100th birthday, 135 Improv Everywhere participants staged a surprise performance in the grand windows on the terminal’s west side. Equipped with a variety of LED flashlights and camera flashes, performers appeared suddenly and unannounced along three floors of windows, creating a shower of light for the commuters and tourists below. This project took place at the invitation of MTA Arts for Transit as part of the centennial celebration of Grand Central Terminal. La vidéo Partager → Tweet