AUTO-FICTION à Joliette ce vendredi

Chorégraphie : Milan Gervais Idéation : Milan Gervais & Pascal Beauchesne Composition musicale : David Drury Interprétation : Milan Gervais, David Albert-Toth, Simon-Xavier Lefebvr. Direction technique : Louliko Shibao Une production de Human Playground Page projet : http://human-playground.com/portfolio/performance-de-rue/     Partager → Tweet


« A choreographic mind is a mind that has “a spatial emotional map of a situation, the emotional psychological reading of place, and of people in relation to that place and each other…” - Susan Rethorst Partager → Tweet

Reading Motion : Master classe by William Forsythe

« I realize that the problem was bigger, a wider cultural problem, the fact that dance is not materialize in a way that afford a reading, a sustain reading like in science or visual art. I think of Choreography as an organizational practice. » » -William Forsythe- Interview with William Forsythe The site (synchronousobjects.osu.edu) is both a research tool for exploring the structures of a dance, examining the underlying structures and relationships of movement over time and a wildly creative extrapolation of the way that those structures can be pictorially expressed -       What could possibly be... Lire la suite →