Truly immersive and impossible to forget!! This is, indeed, the future of storytelling. Probably the most significant audience experience I’ve ever lived… Completely changing our level of engagement. I was there for Halloween night, but any night would do. The last two productions left me in awe; whether it be at the NYC or London location, it’s so worth to go see the groundbreaking work of Punchdrunk. A success that’s well deserved. Here below, an article I picked up from the New York Times, portraying their last production… A London... Lire la suite →

David Binder: The arts festival revolution

David Binder is a major Broadway producer, but last summer he found himself in a small Australian neighborhood, watching locals dance and perform on their lawns — and loving it. He shows us the new face of arts festivals, which break the boundary between audience and performer and help cities express themselves. « Twenty-first-century arts festivals ask the audience to be a player, a protagonist, a partner, rather than a passive spectator.” VIDÉO | David Binder: The arts festival revolution Partager → Tweet