Improv Everywhere | Grand Central Terminal’s 100th birthday

  On the evening of Grand Central Terminal’s 100th birthday, 135 Improv Everywhere participants staged a surprise performance in the grand windows on the terminal’s west side. Equipped with a variety of LED flashlights and camera flashes, performers appeared suddenly and unannounced along three floors of windows, creating a shower of light for the commuters and tourists below. This project took place at the invitation of MTA Arts for Transit as part of the centennial celebration of Grand Central Terminal. La vidéo Partager → Tweet

David Binder: The arts festival revolution

David Binder is a major Broadway producer, but last summer he found himself in a small Australian neighborhood, watching locals dance and perform on their lawns — and loving it. He shows us the new face of arts festivals, which break the boundary between audience and performer and help cities express themselves. « Twenty-first-century arts festivals ask the audience to be a player, a protagonist, a partner, rather than a passive spectator.” VIDÉO | David Binder: The arts festival revolution Partager → Tweet